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Su Soley


Su Soley was born in Ankara, and she has two siblings. She graduated from Middle East Technical University with a degree in Early Childhood Education in 2005.

Since she was four, she skates roller and skateboard, also she has actively played tennis and skied since ten years old. In addition to that, she has been interested in music, and took drum lessons when she was thirteen.

Su has taken in place in many national and international competitions in swimming, fin swimming, water polo and underwater rugby. Also interested in juggling since she was twenty four. Su had a ski accident when she was eighteen and had two surgical operations. Her knee was never the same after accident and she was not able to attend competitions. Her professional sport career has come to an end. While she has been through these issues, her secret passion of music came into prominence and a new era has started for her.


In 2006, she has started to Department of Musical Theatre in Istanbul Unıversity, and moved to Istanbul. Su began her journey with her passion of music and with the stage experience from her college years. Through her onstage life, she has worked with many important names like Ajda Pekkan,Æ Teoman, Istanbul Gelişim Orkestrası and Yalın as their vocalist. Since 2000, she has taken the stage in many concerts and special organizations with her own orchestra. In autumn of 2012, her songs, ‘Bu Yaz’ and Anladın mı’ have been broadcasted in Youtube. Especially, ‘Bu Yaz’ has taken a lot attention from the audience. In spring 2016, she shared her single, ’Muebbet Hayalet’, in all digital platforms. This song, which has been prepared with Iskender Paydas, is her first professional work. Her album that consist of six songs, ‘Hep Bi’ Tufan’ have met the audience in all digital platforms in June, 2018.

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